Security for Loans

•   Unless the loan applied for is equal or less than a member’s total savings, it must be secured by guarantors.  The total shares and deposits of the borrower and those of the guarantors must be equal to or more than the loan applied for.

Why don't we take this relationship to the next level and you lend me some money? :-)

Why don’t we take this relationship to the next level and you lend me some money? 🙂

•   The society may still require a member to have his loan application secured by guarantors even though what is applied for may be less than or equal to his savings if those savings have been pledged as security for other members loans.

•   No member will be allowed to guarantee more than three loans. All guarantors must be members of the society.

•   Members of the management and supervisory committee shall not guarantee loans among themselves.

•   The obligation of the previous guarantors shall cease upon change of guarantors subject to the new guarantors being accepted by the society.   the obligation of the guarantors shall also cease when loans guaranteed have been reduced to less than the members total savings.

•   The society shall maintain a record of all guarantors in each members file.

Other Security

•   The society officials approving loans may ask for such additional security as it deems
necessary.    Pledges in the form of articles like share certificates, land title deeds, vehicle log books and insurance policy up to surrender value may be accepted as security.

•   Confirmation as regards the validity of the articles so pledged has to be obtained from the issuing authority before such documents can be accepted as security for a loan.

•   All expenses related to valuation and charging of security shall be met by the applicant.

Procedure for Recovery of Defaulted Loans

In case a loan is not repaid for a month, the society shall inform the borrower/loanee     immediately in writing with copy to each of the guarantors. if no repayment is effected
during the second month, the guarantors shall be informed of this fact and notified that
they will be called upon to honour their obligations if no repayments are effected at the end of three months.  However, the society will still maintain efforts to recover the defaulted loan from the loanee.

Withdrawal from Membership

•   Where a member wishes to withdraw from the society’s membership he may be required to give the society at least 60 (sixty) days written notice of his intention to withdraw.

•   No member shall be allowed to withdraw from the society membership unless the member’s loan is repaid in full or the loan balance can be fully offset by the member’s savings. Such member will also have to satisfy that all loans guaranteed have been paid in full or the balance does not exceed the savings of the members whose loans were guaranteed.

•   A member who voluntarily withdraws from the society membership and wishes to rejoin later will be required to pay a rejoining fee of 2,000.00 to the society.


•   the loan policy may be amended by the management committee from time to time, provided that such amendments are communicated to all members before taking effect.

•   Any difficulties encountered in the implementation of this loan policy shall be referred to the management committee for clarification or interpretation.


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