o   They make decisions regarding the day- to-day management for operations of the society.

o   They arc directly responsible to the share- holders for giving accurate and dependable accounting information in investment decisions without a doubt of its reliability or validity,

o   Management committees are responsible to the general public, government etc on behalf of the shareholders.

o    In other words, they are the responsibilities of the society to the outside world.



·         The supervisory committees are the watchdog of the members on the work performance of the management committee.

·                  The committee is answerable to the members.

·                  Their main duty is to ensure that the society is run according to the directions given at the AGM/SGM and in accordance with the co-operative laws and regulations in force. The supervisory committee is not an alternative management body but complimentary to the functions of the management committee.

·                  It serves the same purpose as an internal Audit department in an organization.


The supervisory committees meet at least once every quarter to review the activities of the preceding quarter and then report its findings to the management committee. The report covers administrative and financial performance.

   The quarters are:

Jan   –    March        –      1st   Quarter.

April –   June           –      2nd Quarter.

July   – September  –     3rd  Quarter

Oct   –    Dec                –  4th  Quarter


Their duties include checking if the acquisition of assets, recruitment of the staff, record keeping and the general management of the society is done in a manner that would best serve the interest of the members and no loss accrues that could be avoided.


o   Periodically evaluate the programme of the society as to their cost effectiveness, Impact on the members’  income, compliance with the AGM/SGM directions and Cooperative Societies Act,  Rules and the By-Laws of  the society.

o   Check the effectiveness of the management committee, e.g. recording and filling of the minutes of AGM/SGM and committee’s.

o    Compliance with the cooperative principles.

o    Regularity of committee and general meetings.

o   Check whether cash is regularly verified and bank reconciliations done.

o   Regularly check the performance ratios of the society, e.g. cash ratios, solvency ratios.

o   Check whether members’ personal Accounts (shares) arc regularly and accurately updated.

o   Verify whether investments are properly accounted for e.g. Share Certificates are securely kept.

o   Ensure that adequate accounting policies are in place and are working.

o   Check on the presence and the effectiveness of the internal controls in the society.

o   Take note and inform the Management Committee of complaints from the

        members which might be channeled through the committee.

o   Ensure and verify that theeconomic report is prepared and discussed.

o   Check whether the Management Committee is taking any remedial action on any shortcomings revealed.

o   Liaise with the external auditor in areas that the committee would need assistance in carrying out their duties.

o   Ensure that the Management Committee adequately acts on any observations and notes raised by the external auditor.


The supervisory committee and the management committee play a complimentary role in the management of the society and  to ensure that harmony is maintained in between the two committees, the following is to be adhered to: –

o   Work schedules are prepared and presented to the management committee early.

o    Request documents required and working space in time and in writing.

o   Carry out the work expeditiously bearing in mind that the documents are still

o   in use.

o   Prepare written reports detailing the shortfalls noted, the progress made since the last report, and the steps that can be taken to rectify the shortfalls.

o    Always avoid confrontations

o   Never report on unverified information.

o   Report to the management Committee first.

o   Report only those areas not implemented in an AGM/SGM.

o   Do not interfere with the day to day running of the society as this is the

responsibility of the management committee of the society.


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