(a) Voluntary and open membership

The society shall always be guided by the principle of voluntary and open membership in its member recruitment drive without political, ethnic, religious, gender or social discrimination.

(b) Democratic member control

The society will be fully controlled by members who will have equal voting rights on the basis of one member one vote.

(c) Economic participation by member

Members shall contribute equitably to the capital of the society and share in the results of its operations.

(d) Autonomy and independence

The society shall operate on mutually acceptable terms with its stakeholders who will ensure its autonomy and independence.

(e) Education, training and information

The society shall foster reciprocal, on–going education programmes for members, leaders, staff and the community so that they can teach and learn from each other or from the appropriate resource persons in understanding and carrying out their respective roles.

(f) Co-operation among co-operatives

In order to better serve the interests of the members and the community, the society shall actively co-operate with other co-operatives locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

(g) Concern for community in General

The society shall show concern to the community in which it exists and operates.



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