The Committee of the society subject to any directions from the General Meeting generally direct the affairs of



the society. Its procedures, powers and duties are prescribed by the Co-operative Societies Act Cap 490, Co-operative Rules and the By-Laws of the society. In particular the management committees or board of directors shall:

a) Observe in all its transactions the Act, the Rules, the by-laws and prudent business practices.

b) Act upon all applications for membership.

c) Make provision for sufficient funds for loans.

d) Ensure that true and accurate records and accounts of the society’s money, properties, capital reserves, liabilities, income and expenditure are kept and maintained;

e) Prepare and develop long-term management plans and budgets for presentation at the General Meeting;

f) Propose to the General Meeting the amount and kind of surety bond, or other security, which shall be given by the member of the committee or employee having custody of or handling funds or property of the society;

g) Determine and recommend to the General Meeting the interest rates on loans, the maximum maturities and terms of payment or amortization of loans from time to time and the maximum amount that may be loaned with or without security to any member;

h) Cause the audited accounts to be displayed in a conspicuous place at its registered office and branches at least two weeks before presentation of accounts to its members at the general meeting;

i) Lay before the General Meeting audited accounts, together with proposals for the disposal of net surplus, if any;

j) Recommend to the General Meeting the dividend rate to be paid on shares, if any, and interest to be paid on deposits;

k) Fill through co–option, vacancies occurring in the committee between General Meetings;



l) Recommend investments of the society;

m) Authorize the conveyance of properties;

n) Authorize borrowing and lending operations of the society in accordance to the Act and the Rules;

o) Designate a depository or depositories for the funds of the society;

p) Employ and fix the remuneration of the employees in accordance with the terms and conditions of service as approved by the Commissioner;

q) Impose fines as provided for under these by-laws;

r) Approve transfer of shares;

s) Supervise the recovery and collection of loans from members and recommend to the General Meeting the write off of bad debts.

t) Perform or authorize any actions consistent with the Act, the Rules and these by-laws, unless specifically reserved for the General Meeting;

u) Provide adequate budget for education and training of members, the committee and staff; and

v) Perform such other duties as the General meeting may from time to time direct.


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  2. […] Duties and Powers of the Management Committee/board of Directors (funnyardstick.wordpress.com) […]

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