General Meetings of co-operatives usually have the following duties:-



a) Consider and confirm the minutes of the previous General Meeting.

b) Consider reports of committees, the Commissioner or his/her representative and the audited accounts on the society’s activities during the past financial year.

c) Consider and resolve on the manner in which any available surplus shall be distributed or invested, subject to the Act and rules.

d) Elect or remove members of the Committee and the Supervisory Committee, subject to the Act, Rules and these by-laws.

e) Fix the indemnity for the elected committee members and management staff.

f) Consider recommendations from the Committee, against suspension and expulsion of members.

g) Consider appeals against refusal of membership by the Committee.

h) Confirm or reject admission of new members by the committee.

i) Fix the maximum liability which the society may incur in loans and deposits from both members and non-members.

j) Approve the estimates of income and expenditure for the financial year following the General Meeting.

k) Fix the honoraria, if any, for officers or employees of the society.

l) Decide on the management structure, including the establishment of branches to facilitate efficient and cost effective delivery of services to members.

m) Appoint bankers, auditors and advocates of the society for the ensuing year.

n) Affiliate the society to National Co-operative Organization for SACCO societies and the Apex society, subject to approval of the General Meeting;

o) Transact any other business of the society for which notice has been given to members in the manner prescribed in these by-laws.


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