OUR FATHER, considering:
That service, democracy and brotherhood are the fundamental principles in the co-operative movement;
That our objective is not only to serve the economic but also the social and cultural development as well as the human advancement of the members; and
That in the co-operative system, the primary co-operatives, the federations and unions, the power of ultimate decision excepting those reserved by laws, resides in the membership.

Co-operative PrayerGrant us your Grace,
To make integrity and unselfishness the basic standards of conduct;
To guard against the use of our position in the co-operative for personal advantage;
To discharge our responsibilities so as to promote and protect the best interest of the co-operative and its members;
To accept the obligations of attendance, learning and participation relating to the position held;
To give issues, objective hearings, to vote according to conscience and to support majority rulings; and
To encourage open, democratic procedures in the election of qualified candidates for volunteer service to fellowmen.

All these we ask of YOU.



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