(i) Education and Training

We will conduct education and training to members, management committees and staff of the movement in collaboration with stakeholders. We shall use resources allocated by the Government and the movement will Legislationchip in from education budgeted resources. We shall give other extension services pertaining to administration and management of Co-operatives.

(ii) Co-operative Policy and Implementation

We will attend leaders meetings, Special/Annual general meeting of Co-operative Societies and shall at all times give appropriate advice. We shall also articulate the Government policy on Co-operative management.

(iii) Co-operative Financial Policy

We will at all time advice the societies in prudent financing, Credit and Banking Services policy aimed at improving the welfare and interests of the members of the movement.

(iv) Co-operative Governance

We through Co-operative Education and Training will endeavor to insist on good management practices among the Co-operative leaders aimed at good Co-operate Governance. We shall also annually ask the Co-operative leaders to declare their assets and liabilities and file indemnity bonds as required by law.

(v) Settlement of Disputes

We will at all times arbitrate on co-operative disputes outside the court system and for those cases beyond, we will advice complainants to file disputes in the Co-operative Tribunal. The clients will be advised on the filing fees.

(vi) Co-operative College

We will advise the movement on courses offered by the Co-operative College and update them on regular basis.

(vii) Co-operative Marketing Including Value Addition Processing.

Save Money NowWe will at all times articulate the Government Policy on Marketing of Agricultural produce, value addition and other Co-operative ventures.

(viii) Promotion of Co-operative Ventures.

We will at all times advice the Co-operative movement on general aspects of investments to create wealth in Co-operatives.

(ix) Inquiries and Inspections.

We will advise on inquiry/inspection processes where necessary and we shall conduct inspections within the Sub-County as need arises. The inspections will be presented to management committee for appropriate action in accordance with the law.

(x) Surcharge

We will undertake to enforce surcharges and inquiry report as recommended by inquiry officers.

(xi) Rule of Law

We will at all times operate within the provisions of the Co-operative Societies Act, the Rules and the By-Laws of co-operative societies and policy documents issued from time to time by the Commissioner of Co-operative Development.

(xii) Audits

We shall ensure that audits are carried out and presented as stipulated in the Act in accordance with International Accounting Standards and Co-operative Societies Act.

(xiii) Monitoring and Evaluation.

To monitor and evaluate all Co-operative activities in the Sub-County.

(xiv) The Sub-County Co-Operative Officer will Advise and Support Co-Operative Officers.

To give advisory services to Co-operative officers and others staffs to enable them perform their duties efficiently.

(xv) Financial Resources

A thief broke into my house last night looking for money, so I woke up and started searching with him :-)

A thief broke into my house last night looking for money, so I woke up and started searching with him 🙂

To ensure that all financial resources allocated to the Sub-County are utilized for intended purposes and in accordance with the Government accounting procedures and procurement regulations.

(xvi) Visitors and Delegations

To ensure that all delegations to the Sub-County Co-operative Office are attended to promptly.


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