1)    To observe and operate within provisions of the Co-operative Societies Act, Rules, Society By-law and the various policy documents.

2)    Operate within the budget, and avail the Trial Balances and Economic reports to the respective Government offices.

3)    To provide efficient, timely and quality services to their members.

4)    The members have obligation to elect leaders who are transparent and accountable.

5)    Committee have obligation of providing minutes of Management, Special and Annual General Meetings to the Sub-County Co-operative Officer at all times.

6)    The committees have an obligation to invite the Co-operative Officers to all their meetings.

7)    The society has an obligation to provide accurate, timely and up to date information to the Sub-County Co-operative Officer.

8)    The society has an obligation to pay audit and supervision fee to the Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development Department of Co-operative Development and Marketing.



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