The WE of Road Accidents in Kenya…

Road accidents…WE all know DEEP DOWN…probably shallow up that most of our road accidents can be avoided.

  • We never put on seat belts because they are dirty or we will get off in just ten minutes,
  • We never tell drivers to slow down when over speeding BECAUSE WE ARE IN A HURRY ALWAYS,
  • We eagerly accept sambaza or move just some more for that extra passenger,
  • We see police accepting bribes in full view of everybody and we keep quiet,
  • We know police bosses know all these and the police officers involved and they punish them by transferring them or even promoting them for getting most loot,
  • We are in or see vehicles overtake on the wrong side and we are all happy BECAUSE WE ARE IN A HURRY ALWAYS or we want the traffic to clear fast,
  • We see a passenger being abused for standing for truth and we all keep quiet as s/he is thrown out of the matatu or probably even getting killed,
  • We get into matatus with no seat belts, worn out tyres, no lights or broken tail lights, etc.,
  • We happily get bundled into a Probox booth or whatever booth/hole we can fit in,
  • We let law enforcers carry out publicity stunts for one day or two-day “crackdowns”,
  • We accept to pay double the normal fare BECAUSE it is raining,
  • We let drunk drivers drive us home (we end up at a funeral),
  • We run to church praying to God and ask God why why why…when we can’t even tell the conductor/driver to turn down the music,
  • We let matatus drop and pick us anywhere..nashukia hapo we say,
  • We steal road sign posts and sell them to people who happily accept them…when probably two days ago they lost a family member through a road accident or they will because some dumb ass removed the road sign,
  • We let bodabodas ride motorbikes without licenses,
  • We hop onto motorbikes without helmets,
  • We refuse to wear helmets when on bodaboda BECAUSE they are dirty,
  • We let bodabodas driven without reflectors
  • We drive motorbikes and carry passengers after 30 minutes of training,
  • We all suck…and shame on US.

We are all to blame and running to church or organizing prayer rallies once these tragedies occur will not help unless we ACCEPT, CORRECT and be VIGILANT ALWAYS.

I ask…the police

  • Do traffic policemen go to funerals of their loved ones whom they lost through a traffic accident?
  • Do they ask how it happened?
  • Do they think its karma?
  • Do they know if they accept bribe and let a drunk or whatever off….just ten kilometers down/up the road that drunk or whatever might hit his/her daughter/son/mom/dad…?
  • What building have they erected with that blood money they receive?
  • Do they pay school fees for their kids with the blood money?
  • What do they tell their kids where they get so much money from when we all know what they are paid?

I ask……the matatu/PSV drivers

  • Have you ever lost someone close to you or someone you know to a road accident because of overloading/speeding?
  • How did that feel?
  • Will you still over speed if you were carrying your mother, father, daughter or son?
  • What happens after you have killed?
  • Do you feel anything?
  • Why give bribe?
  • Why accept to drive worn out ramshackle vehicle?
  • Did you die when you accepted you were on the wrong and fined for it?
  • Why overtake on the wrong side?
  • What prize were you given for getting there earlier?

I ask….the passengers

  • Why always in a hurry?
  • Couldn’t you have woken a bit early for your appointment?
  • Why keep silent?
  • Have you lost someone through a road accident and said…I will do the right thing and preach to all and sundry?
  • Why go to church after all these when you are to blame and…..then repeat the mistakes again?
  • Aaahhhh shit…shame on you…and me too

I tell…the politician

  • F$%#k you for being too greedy and forgetting what really matters and may karma or whatever get you GOOD

I ask…the clergies

  • Why are you so gullible?
  • Why preach about seeds and fail to do the same about preventing accidents that is killing your contributors?
  • Why not use your HUSKY voice and tell people…don’t take bribe, obey the law because God will love you for that?
  • How do you feel when you preside over funerals of road accidents?
  • When you drive those sleek vehicles that were bought by accident victims…how do you feel aye?

Do these picture look normal to you? What are you doing about the negligence, what will you do jamaneni? acc accident lab crash 0407R kenya road accident kenya-accident-2010-4-5-10-20-40 kenya-road-accident matatu


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