Good information system should possess the following qualities:

characteristics-of-informationThe co-operative should provide relevant information. Relevance is determined by the user of the information and therefore the management of the co-operative should first define the objectives of the various reports to be produced. Based on the user, the system should generate the following:-

  • Detailed daily operational/transactional reports that are accurate for use by supervisors.
  • Summarized current and projected information, regardless of whether internally or externally sourced, that is likely to affect performance for use by the managers.
  • Highly processed information for strategic planning and management control, obtained from within the co-operative for use by directors and the CEO.

The system should also be designed to generate exceptional reports.

The information should be timely for it to be acted upon. The officer in charge of ICT should review the system constantly to assess its speed and recommend upgrading or replacement.

Information should be free from errors and the user should be notified of any assumptions or estimates.

The co-operative should obtain information from authoritative sources only.

(Excerpt from Chapter 4: Co-operative Society Management and Prudential Guidelines Manual Template-Developed by VAS Consultants Ltd for Department of Co-operatives).




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