What is customer service?

CUSTOMERThis is a broad term which refers to those activities which are deliberately undertaken by the service or goods provider with the objective of satisfying the current customers and also attracting potential customers.

Generally it is a concept which explains all those activities undertaken by an organization to satisfy a customer.

The customer can only be satisfied if their perceived expectations of needs and wants are met by the organization.

Reasons for customer service in co-operative societies:

  • a customer who is cared for and satisfied will always become a loyal customer
  • a customer who is satisfied will tell other people
  • a satisfied customer will become your agent recruiting others
  • to be able to cope with competition
  • the customer makes the organization survive
  • the customer is the organization’s life
  • the customer is the voice of the organization
  • the customer makes the organization become proud of its business
  • the customer is the organization’s future
  • a dissatisfied customer will tell other people about his dissatisfaction and this will spoil the image of your Sacco.

Employees of Sacco Societies must possess the following qualities for effective customer service:

  • Communication skills. It calls for the use of right word when talking to a customer. Avoid phrases that may be offensive to the customer.
  • Personal presentation. You must be clean and appropriately dressed (in all ways). Avoid talking to a customer when smoking or eating unless you know him/her.
  • You should have an idea of the type of customer you are dealing with. These are his/her requirements, needs and priorities, his concerns, etc.
  • Product knowledge. You must have a sound (technical) knowledge of the type of product/service you are offering. The is only way you can confidently answer a customer.
  • Respect. Respect a customer for what he/she is. He/she may appear boring, proud, poor, uneducated, etc, but you must respect him/her. If you respect a customer, he will value you and will be ready to listen to you.
  • Mental ability. This is the ability to think quickly, to handle questions quickly and to respond with sensible answer.
  • Dependability and honesty. You must keep promises. Keep appointments. If you cannot, explain this in advance.
  • Self-Control. Avoid showing irritation, impatience, temper, open rudeness, fear, hesitation and other such negative behavior.
  • Sociability. Be a sociable and cheerful person. Leave your troubles at home but do not take them to your customers. It is necessary to know the names of the customers you are dealing with.
  • Courage, determination and perseverance. Have confidence in yourself and the value of the services you are offering.

How can your Sacco participate in customer service?

  • offering quality services to the existing customers
  • efficient handling of customer inquiries
  • quick and effective handling of customer complaints
  • professionalism when dealing with customers, both current and potential
  • competitive pricing of your service or product
  • seeing the customer as an integral (and indispensable) part of you business
  • greet the customer with enthusiasm and smile
  • thank the customer for transacting business with your Sacco and invite him/her back
  • heighten his/her wish to return soon
  • be positive.

In conclusion the customers’ perceived expectations must be met by your organization in order to have a satisfied customer. Customer care is not responsibility of one individual but everybody in the organization must participate. The customer is the king and he/she pays your salaries and must therefore be taken care of. A customer is not an outsider, but part of the business.



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