1. Controls all society cash transactions.

2. Prepares quarterly economic performance report for the senior manager.

3. Preparation of the society final accounts.

4. Preparation of monthly financial management report

5. Prepares society financial quarterly reports for board of directors.

6. Prepares annual society budget with assistance of the budget committee.

7. Supervising all the society activities when the senior manager is not present.

8. Tax administration.

9. Compiles all society daily transactions and summarizes all the work done in accounts covered by the employees from all departments/sections.

10. Deputizes the manager.

11. Receives and banks cheques.

12. Records down all the cheques drawn.

13. Ensures that all cash balances are well maintained by using the cheques register.

14. Providing periodic report to the Manager on the affairs of the cash balances.

15. Ensures that all cash transactions involving the co-operative expenditure are properly authorized

16. Supervises cash office operations and the strong room operations.

17. Keeps custody of cheque books and is responsible to the senior manager for drawing of all cheques.

18. Maintains adequate liquidity reserve in accordance with rules and regulations.
Collects cash from the Commercial Banks.

19. Assists in organizing mobile banking services.

20. Distribute cash to tellers as necessary

21. Supervises tellers to ensure they are working according to instructions.

22. Receives and banks cash, cheques postal orders and money orders for loan repayments.

23. Receives, verifies and banks cheques for payment to members.

24. Receives and reconciles daily tellers cash reports.

25. Carries out complete surprise checks at each teller’s cash from time to time.

26. Prepares for daily deposits in the commercial banks.

27. Prepares cash summarizes and reports.

28. Assists in preparing tellers’ training and education programmes.

29. Carries any other duties connected with cash transactions as instructed by the senior manager.

30. Reports in writing immediately to the senior manager irregularities such as:
(i) Forgery
(ii) Theft
(iii) Misappropriation
(iv) Staff misconduct
(v) Misbehavour discovered and take appropriate measure without delay.

31. Any duties that may be assigned to him/her from time to time.


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  2. […] Duties and Responsibilities of Accountant of a Sacco Society (funnyardstick.wordpress.com) […]

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