(a) Designs the internal control systems and procedures of the society.
(b) Advise the board on the weaknesses of the existing internal control systems and procedures.
(c) Ensures that all the policies of the societies are properly implemented and adhered to.
(d) Periodically, prepares internal management report revealing whether the internal control systems and procedures are being followed. This
should be done monthly.
(e) Supervises the heads of sections by getting daily report on the performance of his department.
(f) Delegates responsibilities in his department.
(g) Evaluates the performance of all departments and make recommendations whether the performance is upto required standards.
(h) Carries out induction training to new employees in his department.
(i) Liaising with the external auditor when need arises.
(j) Examines all cheques; cash payments to ensure that NO irregularity in payments is made. Also examine all accompanying relevant documents to ensure that there is genuine authorization.
(k) Examines the final books of accounts to determine whether they present a true and fair view of the financial status of the society.
(l) Prepares leave roaster for the department.



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