Global Perspective of Co-operative Movement in Kenya and International Obligations

The Kenyan Co-operative Movement is rated 1st in Africa and the 7th global among the developed movements. This rating is by the international Co-operative alliance. The Sacco Movement in
Kenya was admitted to the group 10 of the most developed Sacco Movement globally.
The members of group 10 are Kenya, Ireland, United States of American, Brazil, Mexico, Poland, Australia, Caribbean, Canada and Costa Rica. Kenya is represented in the group 10
by Kenya Union of Savings & Credit Co-operative Ltd (KUSCCO).
It should further be noted that Kenya offers consultancy services on Co-operatives to various countries in Africa, e.g. Rwanda, South Sudan and South Africa among others and has developed an MOU with the Ethiopian Government for Technical Cooperation Program.
The country through the various National cooperative Organizations and CAK which is the Apex is represented in the international cooperative movement. The movement in Kenya is a member of;
 International Cooperative Alliance (ICA)
 World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU)
 Africa Confederation of Savings and Credit Associations (ACOSCA)
 International Cooperative Mutual Fund (ICMF)
This membership is in line with the international cooperative principle “Cooperation among  cooperatives”.

Compiled By:

Emily M. Gatuguta, OGW
Peter Kimotho
Samwel Kiptoo
Date: Tuesday, January 14, 2014


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