Stima Sacco celebrates 40th anniversary

Stima Sacco celebrated its existence for the last 40 years. The Sacco has employed over 30,000 employees nationwide since it was started in 1974.   During the celebrations, Dr. Chumo who is also the Kenya Power CEO said that 40 years is when life starts and the Sacco should become more aggressive and break new grounds. Stima Sacco, in his view, has reached a stage where it should explore partnerships with international institutions to help it increase facilities and benefits to a growing and diversifying membership. Acccording to the CEO Mr. Paul Wambua, the 40th anniversary presents an opportunity to reflect on the Sacco’s many milestones that include several firsts in the history of the movement in Kenya. He noted that the first Sacco ATM in Kenya was issued by Stima Sacco, they were the first to issue a cheque book despite Saccos not being part of the National Payment System, the first Sacco to do a rights issue and the first such business to be licensed by SASRA as a deposit-taking institution.
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