Co-operative Registration

The co-operative Societies Act, Chapter 490 of the Laws of Kenya, states that for a society to be registered with or without limited liability, it has to have its object as the promotion of the welfare and economic interest of its members and has incorporated in its by-laws the following co-operative principles:
(i) voluntary and open membership;
(ii) democratic member control;
(iii) economic participation by members;
(iv) autonomy and independence;
(v) education, training and information;
(vi) co-operation among co-operatives; and
(vii) concern for community in general,
may be registered by the Commissioner as a co- operative society under this Act with or without limited liability. Provided that a co-operative union or an apex society shall not be registered except with limited liability.

Essentials for registration of co-operative societies.
For a society to be registered under the Act, it must in the case of the primary society, consist of at least ten persons all of whom shall be qualified for membership of the co-operative society in the case of a co-operative union, it consists of two or more registered primary societies in the case of an apex society, consist of two or more secondary societies.

When a member of the public visits a District Co-operative Office with an intention to register a Co-operative Society, he is advised, to make a formal request in writing. This request should include the following:
1. Name of the proposed society,
2. Names of a minimum of ten proposed members (including copies of their ID card, telephone number, physical address, occupation and age).

1. For formerly employed persons, a letter of confirmation from the employer.
2. For religious based common bond, a copy of certificate of incorporation of the organization accompanied by a letter of approval from the presiding clergy.
3. For Matatu/Transport Societies, copies of at least ten log books of the proposed members vehicles
4. For business people, copies of certificate of incorporation,/business licenses from at least ten proposed members
5. For marketing societies, introductory letter from the area chief to confirm the common bond and expected production
6. For welfare and self-help groups intending to convert to co-operatives, a copy of certificate of registration from relevant ministry.
7. For other informal organizations, a letter of introduction from the area Chief.

Upon receipt of the above documents, the officer shall convene a meeting within a week with the proposed members. The quorum of this meeting (Pre Co-operative Meeting) shall be ten members. The main agenda of the meeting shall be pre co- operative education. During the meeting; the promoters shall appoint interim officials for purpose of overseeing registration.


  1. Apart from above documents the following will be required:-
  2. The proposed by-laws in four copies
  3. Filled application for registration form in four copies
  4. Supplementary information form in four copies (if any)
  5. Economic appraisal in four copies
  6. In case of salaried workers, a letter from the employer is needed agreeing check off.
  7. Minutes of the pre co-operative meeting
  8. Bankers cheque of Kshs 3,700 being application and registration fees

After successful registration, the newly registered society to convene the first general meeting within a month after receipt of the certificate by the interim officials.
Failure to do so, the co-operative officer should recommend to the CCD immediate cancellation of the certificate of registration.


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