Disputes in Co-operative Societies in Kenya

Co-operative Societies Act Section 76 defines Disputes as:
(1) If any dispute concerning the business of a co-operative society arises—
(a) among members, past members and persons claiming through members, past members and deceased members; or
(b) between members, past members or deceased members, and the society, its Committee or any officer of the society; or
(c) between the society and any other co-operative society, it shall be referred to the Tribunal.
(2) A dispute for the purpose of this section shall include—
(a) a claim by a co-operative society for any debt or demand due to it from a member or past member, or from the nominee or personal representative of a deceased member, whether such debt or demand is admitted or not; or
(b) a claim by a member, past member or the nominee or personal representative of a deceased member for any debt or demand due from a co-operative society, whether such debt or demand is admitted or not;
(c) a claim by a Sacco society against a refusal to grant or a revocation of licence or any other due, from the Authority.

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